"Old fashioned service meets quality and innovation"

GIAN Group is not your normal hospitality and cleaning service. We've identified what we think needs to change in our industry, and we've made it happen. So what's unique about us?

We value relationships. We want long-term partnerships that focus on good old-fashioned ethics, so that you can benefit from our innovation. Working with GIAN Group means a flexible, consistent service. We value comprehensive staff training, environmentally friendly services and understand that being sustainable is about more than just recycling: it's about retaining staff and building strong relationships.

We are working to foster loyalty, trust and honesty, through a good old-fashioned system of values, which ensures that our services are efficient and high quality. Our ethos ensures that your hotel is sparkling clean.

The advantages of outsourcing your cleaning services are many - from accurate cost assessments, which can alleviate financial stress, to further flexibility so that you can focus on your guests while we focus on their rooms.

GIAN Hospitality Services offer housekeeping, front desk relief, maintenance, stock control, houseman services, stewarding services and public area cleaning. Maintenance and front desk relief are two cornerstones of our point of difference for smaller hotels.

Through GIAN Cleaning Services we offer commercial, healthcare, manufacturing, office, aged care cleaning and Consolidated Ancillary Services.

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People will always respond to their environment. GIAN Hospitality invests the time and energy in strong customer and staff relationships to create a more vibrant and responsive service.

We focus on motivation, rewards and respect, and your guests and staff reap the benefits. Our people take care of the cleaning, leaving you free to focus on your business.

People + Passion = Performance

  • Accurate Cleaning/Housekeeping Cost Forecasts

    Savings are achieved through collaborative thinking, engagement and reward combined with:

  • Simple Language Contracts

    We rely on performance to keep contracts not contract wording.

  • Leading Industry Training Programs

    Localised orientation of all staff including key landmarks, key stakeholders, key hotel management personnel, guest communication and personal grooming.

  • Service Delivery to Meet Agreements made during Sales process

    A quality control program that is linked to the clients expectations, budget and employee rewards.


We prioritise the following.

Building long term relationships to create a fantastic environment for our staff to work.

Having passion in the job which in turn creates pride and performance.

Providing training and the tools to do the job effectively and efficiently.


Do you wish you had more time to focus on your business? Let us handle the boring stuff!


Do you want more time to focus on your guests? Let us make sure your hotel stays sparkling clean!


Exceptional level of cleaning services.

The GIAN Group team have been working in this industry for more than 20 years, so it's safe to say we're old hands at this, and we truly do know what old-fashioned service is.